Ark of Grandeur Through Time

A city whose history can be read on the walls and the cobbled stone streets, through its stately mansions (legacy of rich fur merchants who have lived here), the neoclassical tower houses, the unique boats that have been traveling since prehistoric times and its Byzantine churches which constitute a significant ark of historical memory. Aristocratic, cosmopolitan, spiritual, Kastoria resembles an island that one does not need to cross water to visit.


The Cultural Calendar of Kastoria

Kastoria isn’t just a beautiful tour destination. It is a place with rich cultural heritage. This short guide will help you make the most of your visit, no matter the season.


Kastoria, Her Northern Majesty

A small but rich tour guide of the fair city of Kastoria which includes everything you should know: how to get here and what to see, what to eat and where to sleep.


Hearty Hikes

A tasty guide to alternative tourism in Kastoria for hobby enthusiasts.

Kastoria is a fairy tale town offered for a multitude of alternative forms of tourism. The lake, its mountains and forests magnetize people who love nature and want to live it in all its glory.


At the Crossroads of Faith

A small tourist guide for a place with vast religious history

At an altitude of 703 meters above sea level in Western Macedonia, lies the beautiful city of Kastoria. A tourist destination of great religious interest, a city whose history begins at the dawn of time, a city that nature has gifted generously and in combination with its special architecture is recognized as one of the most beautiful of Greece.